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    Imagine being a partner in solving the world's greatest challenges

    Project-based fundraising is a meaningful way for you to support the causes you are most passionate about.

    Support Your Passion
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    Imagine the freedom to follow your curiosity

    Weizmann researchers push the boundaries of discovery as they explore the unknown.

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    Imagine a healthier planet and future

    Weizmann research impacts the global scientific community - and the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide.

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    Imagine true global collaboration

    Weizmann researchers, visiting scientists, graduate students, and partnerships cross disciplines and borders

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    Imagine adding your own voice

    CARE SHARE REPAIR and inspire meaningful action for the betterment of humanity. Join the movement.

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    Light the way for breakthroughs this holiday season

    Get a 2016 tax deduction - and help our scientists tackle humanity's most pressing issues.


Science for the benefit of humanity.


For over seven decades, our dedicated and celebrated scientists have focused on inspired research, collaborating across borders and disciplines to discover visionary solutions to humanity's most pressing issues.